Since 1991, Steidle Pension Solutions, LLC has provided the highest level of service to help employers and retirement plan participants reach their retirement goals.  At Steidle Pension Solutions, we provide comprehensive retirement administration services focusing on small (25 participants or less) to mid size Plans (26-500 participants).   This specialization allows us to tailor the right plan most suited to the objectives of the small business employer and provide a streamlined service and simplified pricing.

Steidle Pension Solutions designs, installs and manages the following plan types.  Keith Steidle is available for direct consultations.  We consult with you to ensure proper plan selection based on your employee census, needs and objectives:

      • 401(k)
      • 401(a) Profit Sharing Plans
      • Roth 401(k)
      • SIMPLE-IRA
      • SEP
      • Keough
      • Defined Benefit Plans

We provide all annual administration services for a low, flat, all-inclusive fee of $600 for qualifying Plan Sponsors. This is the fee paid by the Plan Sponsor. The majority of plans in the small plan market qualify for this rate based on plan design. These rates apply for plans with less than 25 participants.