Investment Professionals (IPs) play a critical role at Steidle Pension Solutions, LLC. By offering their financial expertise to their Plan Sponsor clients, IPs strive to ensure that balances grow to help participants achieve their retirement goals. Financial Advisors, Brokers, Agents, and RIAs who partner with SPS benefit from our superior client service, attention to detail, and cost effective pricing, including the capability to record keep ETFs as well as mutual funds in Retirement Plans. Our goal at SPS is to efficiently manage all non-investment operations relating to Retirement Plans so that IPs can concentrate on what they do best.

SPS helps IPs win and retain business. We are available to provide support to IPs, including education on 401k products, customized proposals, and consultation on 401k, Profit Sharing, and Defined Benefit Plan rules and regulations. We manage our end of the Plan Sponsor relationship according to the wishes of the IP: If the IP wants us to funnel communications solely through the IP’s office, we are happy to oblige; or if the IP wants to take a hands off approach and have us work with the Plan Sponsor directly, we can accommodate this request as well.

We can also provide IPs with strategic research on Plan Sponsor prospects to assist with the sales process. The research we provide includes Plan Expenses, Current Custodian, participant number, Current plan services providers, and Plan design. We can score the Plan versus other Plans of similar size and demographics. If the Plan has red flags (i.e. above average fund expenses or below average performance), we will let the IP know. IPs can request this research from us at any time.

Most IPs initially partner with us because of Our Pledge to Investment Professionals. Our Pledge is a great reason why every IP should place at least one Plan with SPS.