Steidle Pension Solutions designs, installs and manages the following plan types.  We consult with you to ensure proper plan selection based on your employee census, needs and objectives:

      • 401(k)
      • 401(a) Profit Sharing Plans
      • Roth 401(k)
      • SIMPLE-IRA
      • SEP
      • Keough
      • Defined Benefit Plans
      • Cash Balance Plans


We provide all annual administration services for a low, flat, all-inclusive fee of $600 for qualifying Plan Sponsors. This is the fee paid by the Plan Sponsor. The majority of plans in the small Plan market qualify for this rate based on Plan design. These rates apply for Plans with less than 25 participants.  It is important to note that a Plan Sponsor must complete separate agreements with the custodian institution chosen to hold Plan assets and that agreement will detail any investment expenses paid by the Plan.

For Plans with 26-500 participants, there is a $10 per participant additional administrative charge.

For Plans with more than 500 participants, a custom quote can be prepared.