Steidle Pension Solutions, LLC provides full service administration and actuarial services for Cash Balance and traditional Defined Benefit Plans for only $1,200.

Defined Benefit Plans provide for a determinable benefit at a specified retirement age. A Defined Benefit Plan is frequently used when the level of benefits and/or contributions in a 401k Profit Sharing Plan is inadequate. Steidle Pension Solutions, LLC will assist you in designing a plan that delivers the desired level of benefits to different groups of owners and plan participants, while remaining compliant with pension regulations and keeping the contributions within a chosen range.

Steidle Pension Solutions, LLC keeps your plan on an annual cycle of review and reporting to ensure that the Plan operates smoothly and stays in compliance with all pension rules and regulations. Once Plan Year data is collected, our review and reporting include the following:

  • Review of Plan provisions to determine if any changes would benefit the Company

  • Participant eligibility determination

  • Reconciliation of trust assets

  • Determining the minimum required and maximum deductible contributions

  • Calculation of any benefits payable from the Plan, including all required forms and notices

  • Preparation of required government filings, such as Form 5500, PBGC Comprehensive           
    Premium Filing, and Forms 1099-R

  • Preparation of Annual Funding Notice or Summary Annual Report for distribution to participants

  • Determination of any required minimum distributions

  • Preparation of benefit statements to be distributed to participants

  • Preparation of an Actuarial Valuation Report

  • Preparation of any Plan Document Amendments and participant notices required to keep plan in compliance

While sponsoring a Plan entails certain responsibilities, SPS simplifies the process by providing all of the forms, instructions, and advice to guide you through the administration process. Our focus is to ensure your Plan delivers the intended benefits to the participants, stays compliant with pension rules & regulations, and is appreciated by the employees and participants.

The typical Installation and Onboarding fee is $1,700, but may vary based on the Plan Design.

If you have questions or need assistance, you may also call us at 800-630-401K (4015) or click here to contact us.