Steidle Pension Solutions provides administration services and 5500 preparation for plans which may have not completed the necessary plan work or filings for the last 10 years. A customized quote can be prepared after discussing the services needed to bring a plan up to date. Services may include:

        • Preparation and Electronic Submission of Delinquent 5500s
        • Application to DOL Voluntary Delinquent Filer Program
        • Past Years’ Annual Plan Valuations
        • Reconstructing Balances and Censuses for Past Years
        • Past Years’ Testing and Vesting Reports
        • IRS Abatements
        • IRS Plan Exams or Audits
        • Others Services as Needed

Please call us at 800-630-401K (4015) or click here to contact us with questions regarding how we can help you bring your retirement plan into compliance.